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Where Art and Technology , Create Symphony

KK Digital is the creative hotspot of Innovative Music, with deep rooted foundations in the age old traditions of Music, all in the lap of, state of the art technology. An Audio Studio where yesterday and tomorrow come together to create an innovative today. Where New Genres take life in an atmosphere of creative adventure. KK Digital also the birth place of new talent in the form of fledging musicians. Voice and instrumental music training from basic to the pinnacle is imparted in a systematic, unhurried manner, aimed at promoting talent, rather than creating students. Overall, a junction of human talent and musical creation, aided by the best, technology can offer. KK Digital services extent into the realm of Video too. The studio boasts of the best equipment in audio-video recording and mixing, coupled with the best creative talent. In its 7 year old history KK Digitals has many a feather to adorn its cap. However, not resting on yesteryears laurels. KK digitals continue to serve the cause of music with dedication. The studio was named after Late Shri Kunju Krishnan, the father of the founder, Bhuvanesh Nelveedhi. A percussion artist of great repute, the name is a tribute to an earlier generation of musical genius.


KK Digitals opened its doors for the first time in 2010, to be the first choice Audio-Video Studio for the established music industry of Kerala, by incorporating the best of technology and artistic creativity, under one roof. It also aimed at being the breeding house of new genres of innovative music and a production house of audio-video creations, with entertainment value and social relevance. It also aimed at being a talent spotter and promoter of musician with promise and school for upcoming musical talents.


So far the studio has been able to and surpass its objectives and is today a leading sound recording and mixing studio, a music production house and a school of music. To date, the studio has produced and published noteworthy musicals, that have been very well received by the public. KK Digitals has so far composed the featured music and/or background score for many television programs. The studio has also composed the music for many movies, and stage shows. The complete background score for the hit movie Guppy was composed entirely by KK Digitals.

Behind the Facade

KK Digitals was the brain child and the fruit of labour of Bhuvanesh Nelveedhi. The creation mirrors its creators values and vision, and reflects his zest and dedication to music. Melody at heart, rhythm at feet – Bhuvanesh Nelveedhi (A K A Bhuvanesh) can be best described as a perpetual student of music. Bhuvanesh’s life has been one dedicated to music. Whether as a music teacher at Tharangini, or a percussion artist at Radio Television Brunei, Bhuvanesh has always been inspired by musical pioneers and himself been a source of inspiration to musical wannabes.

Vision, Mission and Values

To be a leading production house of new and innovative music and to be the pioneer in building a new culture of musical perfection, with roots in tradition and branching out into new realms of creativity. To create and publish innovative music, produce audio-video creations that entertain and educate the society and to spot and promote musical talent. Upholding deep rooted traditional values, while venturing into unseen territories in creations, and assuring it’s value to the cause of society and the nation.

Music School

The Music School wing has gifted the Musical Industry with many gifted musician, and are constantly in the lookout for fresh musical promise. This school of Music has given rise to many a career musician. And for those who pursue music as a hobby there can be no better destination. The ambience learning pervades the premises, and there is always a musical note in the air for those who care to seek for it. The spirit of music is well and truly kept alive at the precinct of music in Trivandrum-Poojapura.


Learning with every second he spent with musical greats like Devarajan, Raveendran, Udaya Bhanu, K Raghavan and S P Venkatesh, his resolve to leave a mark on the musical landscape resulted in the creation of KK Digital. He has hence been acknowledged for his creativity and musical acumen, an acknowledgement that has brought goodwill to the studio. Bhuvanesh strives to achieve the dream of an everlasting musical enterprise a success.


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Services on offer:

  • Audio Composition- new audio creations, to take the featured or background stage.
  • Recording Studio- Flawless recording to suit the need of the composition.
  • Mixing- Giving recorded audios the desired effect and the right mood.
  • Video- Video creation from camera work to edited videos.
  • Music Classes- Instrumental music training (Tabla, Guitar, Mridamgam and Keyboards) and vocal.
  • Independent Audio and Video production.
  • Years of experience in the film music industry
  • Expertise in the use of the latest technology in the field of music
  • State of the art equipment employed to create the finest in sound
  • School of music that brings the best out of the student’s latent talents
  • Encouragement of creative talent and giving the right talents needed exposure
  • Periodic visits of Musical Luminaries , inspiring career musicians and students.
  • Testimonials

    KK Digital is the creative hotspot of Innovative Music, with deep rooted foundations in the age old traditions of Music, all in the lap of, state of the art technology. An Audio Studio where yesterday and tomorrow come together to create an innovative today.

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    A Bolster to the Sprits of Differently Abled

    The Music School has also done a fair bit in bring differently abled talents to the forefront. The music school takes immense pride in training hundreds of differently abled youth and deploying them in the field of music. The accolades they have gained have been the true feather in the cap of this school. National Award winner Prashanth Chandran (www.memoryprashanth.com) is a proud product of this noble institution.